Healthcare Delivery Systems

Better outcomes at lower costs

Rapid change in healthcare delivery is creating new challenges across the industry.  The competitive landscape is being altered by cost pressures and healthcare reform leading healthcare delivery systems to find new opportunities in both existing and new markets. MSI works with healthcare delivery systems to focus on key areas imperative to success.


Integrated Care Delivery Healthcare delivery systems must adapt and integrate care cross disparate sites and providers.  We work with healthcare delivery systems to identify the highest-value strategic opportunities and extend their organization to deliver better outcomes at lower costs.
Alignment in Local Markets By building share in local markets, healthcare delivery systems can increase the efficiency of their assets and deliver high quality care in communities.   MSI understands that strategies to align with local physician groups and other healthcare providers are important considerations for healthcare delivery systems.
Focus on Medical Costs Controlling medical costs will require achieving true integrated care, introducing population health management systems and reducing utilization by aligning incentives to encourage the right behaviors among patients and clinicians.  MSI supports the efforts by healthcare delivery systems to prepare to take on more responsibility to contain costs while demonstrating continuous improvements in patient outcomes.
Optimizing the Portfolio Healthcare delivery systems are complex organizations which must make hard choices between efficiency versus effectiveness and short-term versus long-term returns.  Engaging with healthcare delivery systems today enables MSI to assist clients in achieving the full potential of their current and future asset portfolios.

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